Using the Quick Selection Tool

The Quick Selection tool lets you select the outline of a shape within an image (for example, this yellow flower that I need to cut out and paste into another image) without having to manually trace its outline. This is easiest to do with bold shapes that stand out from the background, but you can edit the selection with precision where needed.

This is just one of the many Photoshop techniques you’ll try out on our 2-day Photoshop course. Coming to us to train in person means having a trainer on hand to trouble-shoot and give you advice – much more useful than trying to figure out this complex software by yourself or by using online video tutorials that can easily go out of date. If this is old-hat to you, why not come on our Advanced Photoshop course?

To Use the Quick Selection tool:

1. Load your image in Photoshop and select the Quick Selection tool (hint: it’s toggled with the Magic Wand tool).

Photoshop Quick Selection tool-1

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