5 Reasons To Use Images to Market Content

Maybe 1,000 words of text was okay in 2001, but it’s 2012 now and tastes have changed! Images are now vital to the popularity and shareability of web content.

People just like visual content. Whether it is images, videos or even the design on the page and site – if you grab attention with your content then you encourage clicking, engaging and sharing!

images for content marketing

Use Images with impact to grab attention

 Every blog post we write involves a trip to Photoshop, whether it is just to touch up an image and optimise it for the web, to manipulate an image for our purposes or even to create images from scratch. Photoshop is an essential tool for anyone involved in web content.

In fact, a lot of the people who come on our 2 day Photoshop course are there to learn how to use the tool so they can make their site more attractive to users.

We also have a Photoshop for Web Graphics course that looks specifically at images for web content – ideal for any current or future bloggers!

Still not convinced? These 5 reasons should change your mind:

1. Images draw attention on a page

When creating content on your site – product pages, blog posts or any type of page – you can use images to draw your visitors’ attention to a particular point on the page. Read the rest of “5 Reasons To Use Images to Market Content”

Image SEO – Gain Traffic Through Google Image Search

Images can provide a great source of traffic to your website from Google Image Search. However, the process is unlike regular search engine ranking and so needs to be treated differently.

Brighton Pride 2011

Brighton Pride 2011 example – If you want your images to rank in Google don’t forget your SEO

Most photographers will have built up a presence on-line – both a personal website, probably a blog, many will use social media.

See examples:

Heather Buckley on Facebook Page,

Heather Buckley on Google+

Heather Buckley on Flickr

Social media accounts are great ways to build a strong on-line brand for a photographer. Here you should make sure you use all the tags made available to you. Geo Tagging, image tagging, titles, filenames etc. Use the keywords that you want people to find you for. Read the rest of “Image SEO – Gain Traffic Through Google Image Search”