Tutorial: How to Make a Lightsaber in Photoshop


Photoshop Lightsaber Tutorial

Find out how to create your own Photoshop lightsaber with this easy step-by-step tutorial!

Last year my good friend (and self-confessed Sci-Fi fan) Jen went to the London Film Museum, and got a great snap of herself with a lightsaber.

However – the prop lightsaber was just a white stick – and I remembered a nice method in Photoshop to add a glowing lightsaber blade effect.

I’ve included a step by step tutorial on how to achieve the lightsaber effect in Photoshop below. If you’d like to lean Photoshop in depth, check out our Photoshop courses.


How to Make a Lightsaber in Photoshop CS5

So – we’re starting with the original image, which looks like this. You can use your own image, or click on the one below for a larger version which you can download (right click > save image as…)


1) Open the image in Photoshop

2) Next we need to make a new layer to add the effect to (so we’re not changing the original image) Select Layer > New > Layer.

3) Now we’re going to draw a white line over the blade. To select the line tool, choose the pen tool from the main toolbar . Then choose the line tool from the new menu at the top of the screen:

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