Polaroid Unleashes Apps with an Android Camera

This week at CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Polaroid unveiled a cutting edge digital camera with a 3.2 inch touch screen running Android. The Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera By Android packs an impressive 16 megapixels and HD video and could spark a revolution in digital photography. Photoshop Training

Similarities to Kodak

Polaroid are doing everything they can to avoid going down the route of Kodak. The stories are similar – a well known traditional photography company, who made more money from selling film and prints than actual cameras, failing to recognise the demand of digital photography.

Much like Kodak, Polaroid doesn’t spring to mind when you think of the top digital camera manufacturers currently around. The similarities continue – both companies discontinued physical film/paper in the last 10 years, have both sold off large chunks of assets and have both tried to break into the digital market with mobile printers – Polaroid’s is the PoGo. However, when it comes to actually taking photos both companies have dropped out of the running. Until now…

Taking Notes from the iPod Touch

Digital camera sales are declining as consumers begin to use their smartphones as point and shoot cameras in a change that echoes users using their phone’s built in MP3 player instead of a dedicated device. Polaroid’s SC1630 Smart Camera is trying to do for photography what the iPod Touch did for music players. Apple realised that they needed something special to set themselves apart from the competition and their higher price band. What they did was bring the full functionality of the iPhone to a much cheaper device that wasn’t able to call people. Many people at first thought ‘what’s the point’ but it has turned into an incredibly popular device as consumers want their gadgets to do more and more.

Apple’s move was also a way to combat people switching to using the built in MP3 players on their smartphones by bringing out an even smarter MP3 player (when the iPod Touch came out, Apple had few credible competitors in the smartphone market). While Apple used iOS on the iPod touch to make it the most functional MP3 player around, Polaroid are using Android to bring the rich collection of Android apps to a dedicated digital camera.

Apps, Apps, Apps

Hipstamatic Photography

Take ‘old style’ photos with Apps such as Hipstamatic

Apart from the practicality of carrying one device instead of two, people are using their phone cameras because they can download a range of apps to improve their experience.

There are apps to mimic old style cameras (such as Polaroid!), to edit photos after you’ve taken them (Photoshop), and to share your photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and anywhere on the web.

By switching to mobile photography consumers are saying they’re willing to lose a bit of quality (although many phone cameras are great in the day time) if it results in being able to do more with their photos.

This camera shows that Android and iOS apps are being integrated into more and more devices, so learn a new skill and become an app developer! Polaroid’s Android camera will allow users to download all these apps but apply them to a much better camera. The SC1630 Smart Camera is 16 megapixels and captures HD video. It should be a really attractive prospect for point and shoot photography that takes better photos than a smartphone but has all the functionality. Plus you will be able to play games, surf the web and check your inbox while you’re waiting for that perfect photo op!

While the popularity of smartphone photography and photo editing apps is certainly growing, Photoshop is still the number one choice for professionally edited photos and graphics. Our Photoshop course in Brighton gives delegates a comprehensive overview of the powerful photo-editing package while Advanced Photoshop Training takes them to the next level of advanced techniques.

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