Lightroom Training

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Adobe Lightroom Course UKAdobe Lightroom Training in Brighton will give you a comprehensive introduction to Lightroom and its image organisation, processing and output.

Lightroom is an essential tool for photographers who take their work seriously. This most viable option for processing lots of high quality images, Adobe Lightroom is the choice of professionals. However, it can be tricky to master. Our Lightroom Training course is a hands-on workshop taught by an experienced trainer which will leave you using Lightroom like a pro.

Adobe Lightroom Training Objectives

Once you have completed the Lightroom Training course, you will be able to:

  • Effectively use catalogues, collections, keywords and filters – in the library module
  • Correct images and enhance them with the Develop module
  • Publish the results via the Slideshow, Print and Web modules.

Photoshop Lightroom Training Course Prerequisites

Delegates should be familiar with digital imaging.
Would be useful to have previous experience with Photoshop, but not essential.

Lightroom Training Content

Introduction to Lightroom

  • Understanding the interface
  • Importing and organising images
  • Working with RAW files
  • Using import presets
  • Using Auto import

Library module

  • Using the Navigator
  • Understanding Grid View and Loupe View options

Library module: keywords

  • Applying keywords
  • Importing keywords
  • Keyword stamping

Library module: organisation

  • Using Compare and Survey mode
  • Using Collections
  • Using ratings and metadata

Lightroom Develop Module: Using the Basic Panel

  • Correcting white balance
  • Understanding the Histogram
  • Creating and using virtual copies
  • Using the Tone controls
  • Using the Vibrance and Saturation controls

The Develop Module: Using the Tool Strip Tools

  • Using the Graduated Filter tool
  • Using the Adjustment Brush
  • Cropping
  • Straightening
  • Spot Removal
  • Fixing red-eye

More Develop Module: Options

  • Converting to Grayscale
  • Using the Tone Curve controls Using HSL and Colour
  • Split Toning

The Develop Module: Improving Details

  • Sharpening
  • Reducing noise
  • Removing chromatic aberration

The Develop Module: Creating Vignettes

  • Using the Post-Crop controls
  • Using the Lens Correction controls

Creating Lightroom Slideshows

  • Using Slideshow
  • Customising Slldeshows
  • Customising the overlay elements

Printing with Lightroom

  • Using Print templates
  • Customising guides and overlays
  • Customising images settings and layout
  • Picture Package

Creating a custom Print template

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