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Pet Photography Tips: Getting the Perfect Picture of your Pooch

Here at Silicon Beach Training, we are big fans of Rhian White’s dog photography so we asked for some tips on getting the perfect pooch picture. We think you will agree that the following post is crammed full of them so have a read and then go and take your dog for a walk with your camera! Once you’ve captured your images you will want to use Photoshop to get them ready for print. 

Rhian is an outdoor dog photography specialist who runs Brighton Dog Photography.

“Photographing dogs in the outdoors can often be a challenging task, but it can be one which is ultimately very rewarding. In this article I’m going to discuss some techniques and points to remember that help me get that perfect shot.

dog photography tips


It might seem silly to start with a point that has nothing to do with my camera nor with the dog, but having patience is always at the forefront of my mind. Dogs don’t always do or go where you want them to (I frequently only have one hour in which to get a selection of shots of a dog I have only just met, so the pressure is on) and it makes no sense getting frustrated.

The more patient you are to get the shots you are after, the more likely you will get them. It helps if you try and practice with the dog little and often. Depending on the dog they will get bored, and if they do put the camera away, go and do what the dog wants for a bit and then come back and try again.

Realise that it can take many attempts to get what you are after, so patience with yourself and your dog is paramount.

Not a dog person? Don’t worry we have plenty of photography tips for people too.

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Photography Tips – A Different Point of View

We don’t always talk about Photoshop Training and InDesign Training, sometimes we talk about photography! In this post, Heather Buckley gives her tips on shooting photographs from ‘A Different Point of View’…

I’ve been asked to name, judge and instruct a group of photographers’ work in response to a theme. The attendees will be of mixed ability some just starting out and some experienced photographers.

I’ve decided on the theme “A different point of view” because experimenting with the infinite possibilities in which something can be viewed often leads to capturing an image that is simply different. It forces the photographer to examine endless ways in which an object, person or environment can be seen and come up with something that will capture the viewer’s imagination.

Tim Andrews - Alternative Viewpoints

This is an image of Tim Andrews, a retired solicitor who has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. He has got nearly 200 photographers to take his picture now. To get this image I am leaning over the next lane and placing the camera in the middle of his lane. Try taking images from places you cannot get to but you can place your camera.

Even the most experienced of photographers can get stuck in a rut. When you eventually develop something that resembles a style, a way of looking at things that others recognise as being “your thing” it’s easy to start looking at everything in the same way. Repeating your successes, and automatically taking an image in a particular way.

In many ways this can take the fun out of photography. For me the best kicks happen when you try something completely off the wall, not really knowing if it’s going to work or not and landing an ace. Of course there will be many failures along the way, even famous names have bad days, a card full of 2’s of spades, void of those exhilarating aces.

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