iPad Apps for Design Inspiration

With Adobe Touch Apps and Photoshop Touch not expected for iPad until early 2012, what solutions are there for designers on the go? This guest post looks at 5 great iPad apps for designers from sketching tools to a comprehensive design collection. All of the apps are ideal for passing the time on your way to or from a Photoshop Course in Brighton where you can learn to put your ideas into practice.

6 iPad Apps for Design Inspiration

These days designers and creative freelancers are doing more and more of their work on the move and using laptops, tablets or even mobile phones to capture their ideas when the moment takes them. Unsurprisingly, Apple’s iPad has proven to be the most popular method of capturing that inspiration and has become very popular with designers as a way of playing with their design ideas.

iPad Sketching

Equally unsurprisingly there are thousands of applications out there for the iPad dedicated to design and it can be time consuming to search through them all and decide which ones are worthwhile and which ones are worth avoiding. When it comes to the actual tools of design there are some clear favourites that everyone uses, such as Brushes, iFontmaker and Sketchbook Pro but what about apps that offer a burst of creativity and inspiration, or apps that help you capture that creativity?

In this article we will look at six great apps to inspire you in your daily design work:

Sketchy Pad App

Sketchy Pad

Sketchy Pad is a brilliant little app that helps website designers sketch out their site and plan the interface. Ideal for programmers and designers Sketchy Pad helps you to collect your design ideas for your site through a simple and intuitive interface and using a broad selection of number fonts and stencils. At only $4.95 it is well worth the money.



iThoughts App

iThoughts (HD Version)

iThoughts is like a Filofax for creativity, providing designers with a one-stop-shop to gather their information, notes, thoughts and ideas in one location. The app is laid out in such a way as to make planning and organizing your design projects extremely simple through a clear interface. If you are a fan of mind-mapping tools then this is one of the best out there for the iPad, constructing a wonderful visual representation of your ideas.


Penultimate App


My personal favourite iPad app, Penultimate is a joy to work with and the best sketchbook app on the market, Penultimate is both extremely effective and simultaneously very simple, gathering your design ideas and sketches, as well as your own handwritten notes onto its wide range of stunning paper styles. The perfect place to begin any new project, drawing or design.



Web Designer Magazine App

Web Designer Magazine

If you already read the print version then you’ll know how invaluable Web Designer Magazine is to web designers. Keeping you up to date with an incredibly fast moving industry and providing regular tutorials on all the latest innovations, Web Designer is the web design bible. Amazingly, the iPad app is even better, allowing the content and tutorials (on everything from CSS to XHTML) to leap out of your iPad. Web Designer Magazine offers the perfect content for the iPad and what’s more you’ll get it before the print version reaches the shelves on the high street.

Phaedon Design Classics App

Phaidon Design Classic App

When it comes to inspiring designers there is no greater app. The Phaidon Design Classic app is certainly a luxury (it is the most expensive app listed here) but is well worth the money. Offering an iPad version of the famous 3 volume Phaidon Classics which sit on the shelves of every design agency and design library and packed with in depth analysis and stunning images of every classic of design from Breuer to Corbusier this is a complete and beautiful history of design. Naturally the design of the app is stunning and provides a beautiful 3 dimensional multi touch interface that will keep you hooked for weeks.

Gusto App


Gusto is an excellent app designed specifically to organize workflow for web development projects through the use of stunningly generated website images, which it organizes as thumbnails. Simply open up the app and immediately download numerous folders and files from your FTP server. Once you have edited these files you can then preview them locally within the app.

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