Great Photography Tips

We’ve put together some ideas to improve your photography. Not everything can be done in Photoshop!

Whilst great editing skills (the ones you’ll learn on our Photoshop course), can make a world of difference, getting a great image in the first place is essential. Even if you are already a pro, sometimes it’s quite good to remind yourself of what’s possible. Revisit some old techniques and styles, or simply get some inspiration or ideas for new projects.

1/ Think about the environment surrounding your subject – what do you include? What do you leave out?

What you include in an image will make or break it

2/ Watch the backgrounds, they can work for or against your subject, try depth of field to isolate subjects or emphasise their surroundings. Use a small F number (big aperture). Most cameras will allow you to select f4, some even less.

Isolate your subject – Get close to your subject, make sure there is enough distance between your subject and the background. And use a big aperture (small F number)

3/ Try and capture personality in an image

Talk to people try and get the essence of who they are in an image

4/ Opportunities are all around, always take a small camera with you.

There are opportunities everywhere, in the cafe, on the streets, walking the dog. This was taken with a micro four thirds camera

5/ Work fast, don’t miss the moment. Get so familiar with your camera that you can move in a flash and get the image. Especially in the street,  images opportunities are often there one minute and gone the next. Don’t be ashamed of auto mode, especially in situations where things are changing fast.

Some images are only as you want them for a split second, make sure you are ready to grab the shot

6/ Have courage, quite honestly most people don’t mind having their picture taken.

Most people aren’t as scary as you think – smile and ask them if you can take their picture

7/ Be brave – take risks both with subject matter and technique.

Think outside the box, insect image using a flash and a fisheye!

8/ Tell stories with your images.

Take pictures that ask questions or tell stories

9/ Choose your moment – sometimes it’s best to wait for the right person or thing to enter the frame of an image in the right place.

I got this image by positioning myself on the ground in front of the dog and waiting for the right person to appear. What a reward! My favourite image this year.

10/ Learn to see beauty in the mundane

Good images are everywhere, the simplest things can make a good composition. Look for texture, lines and colour.


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Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your photographs

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Thank you Debbie, much appreciated :)

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