Great Photography Tips

We’ve put together some ideas to improve your photography. Not everything can be done in Photoshop!

Whilst great editing skills (the ones you’ll learn on our Photoshop course), can make a world of difference, getting a great image in the first place is essential. Even if you are already a pro, sometimes it’s quite good to remind yourself of what’s possible. Revisit some old techniques and styles, or simply get some inspiration or ideas for new projects.

1/ Think about the environment surrounding your subject – what do you include? What do you leave out?

What you include in an image will make or break it

2/ Watch the backgrounds, they can work for or against your subject, try depth of field to isolate subjects or emphasise their surroundings. Use a small F number (big aperture). Most cameras will allow you to select f4, some even less.

Isolate your subject – Get close to your subject, make sure there is enough distance between your subject and the background. And use a big aperture (small F number)

3/ Try and capture personality in an image

Talk to people try and get the essence of who they are in an image

4/ Opportunities are all around, always take a small camera with you.

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5 Tools to Print Pictures from Facebook, Instagram and Other Social Sites

Facebook Photo Printing ServiceOnce you have used your Photoshop skills to edit your favourite photos and shared them with your friends on your social networks, you can use the tools in this post to print them! In these digital times it is all too easy to upload a photo onto the web and then forget about it.

We have all heard Facebook recently purchased Instagram (a popular photo sharing tool) for 1 billion dollars. People love to share photos with their friends and the world on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Now the problem is, many users love to have hard copies of pictures and printing a whole album from these sites can be a tedious task. Luckily for us, there are tools out there that do this for you…


Printsgram Photo Printing Service

For heavy Instagram users, Printsgram is the only tool you need. A simple online tool that connects to your Instagram account and allows you to create your very own poster from your photos. You can create:

  • A4 Poster (I made a simple one here)
  • A3 Poster
  • A1 Poster
  • A Photo Cube
  • A4 Stickers

Best of all, it’s free!

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Pet Photography Tips: Getting the Perfect Picture of your Pooch

Here at Silicon Beach Training, we are big fans of Rhian White’s dog photography so we asked for some tips on getting the perfect pooch picture. We think you will agree that the following post is crammed full of them so have a read and then go and take your dog for a walk with your camera! Once you’ve captured your images you will want to use Photoshop to get them ready for print. 

Rhian is an outdoor dog photography specialist who runs Brighton Dog Photography.

“Photographing dogs in the outdoors can often be a challenging task, but it can be one which is ultimately very rewarding. In this article I’m going to discuss some techniques and points to remember that help me get that perfect shot.

dog photography tips


It might seem silly to start with a point that has nothing to do with my camera nor with the dog, but having patience is always at the forefront of my mind. Dogs don’t always do or go where you want them to (I frequently only have one hour in which to get a selection of shots of a dog I have only just met, so the pressure is on) and it makes no sense getting frustrated.

The more patient you are to get the shots you are after, the more likely you will get them. It helps if you try and practice with the dog little and often. Depending on the dog they will get bored, and if they do put the camera away, go and do what the dog wants for a bit and then come back and try again.

Realise that it can take many attempts to get what you are after, so patience with yourself and your dog is paramount.

Not a dog person? Don’t worry we have plenty of photography tips for people too.

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