Polaroid Unleashes Apps with an Android Camera

This week at CES 2012 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, Polaroid unveiled a cutting edge digital camera with a 3.2 inch touch screen running Android. The Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera By Android packs an impressive 16 megapixels and HD video and could spark a revolution in digital photography. Photoshop Training

Similarities to Kodak

Polaroid are doing everything they can to avoid going down the route of Kodak. The stories are similar – a well known traditional photography company, who made more money from selling film and prints than actual cameras, failing to recognise the demand of digital photography.

Much like Kodak, Polaroid doesn’t spring to mind when you think of the top digital camera manufacturers currently around. The similarities continue – both companies discontinued physical film/paper in the last 10 years, have both sold off large chunks of assets and have both tried to break into the digital market with mobile printers – Polaroid’s is the PoGo. However, when it comes to actually taking photos both companies have dropped out of the running. Until now… Read the rest of “Polaroid Unleashes Apps with an Android Camera”

Adobe Photoshop Touch – Adobe Launches Photoshop on the Move

Adobe Photoshop TouchAdobe Max (Adobe’s flagship yearly promotion event) kicked off this week with the announcement of Adobe Photoshop Touch – an App aimed built for tablets and aimed at creating, editing and sharing on the move.

Photoshop Touch will replace the current umbrella term for existing apps Adobe Eazel, Adobe Nav and Adobe Color Lava which will become Adobe Photoshop Companion Apps. The Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit has been rolled into the general Photoshop SDK.

Creating and editing images on tablets will be great for seeing how they’ll look to tablet users. Read our article on optimising images for the web which will help you ensure your images look good but more importantly load fast on websites.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe have concentrated their marketing on one key feature of Photoshop Touch – creating composite images using a number of tools from the full desktop Photoshop. For instance they have combined a tablet-friendly scribble tool allowing you to draw around parts of an image and then use refine edges to quickly blend images on the go.

Adobe Photoshop Touch Screenshot

Photoshop Touch does come with the core tools from Adobe Photoshop making it a powerful app for the price. Some of the best features are- Read the rest of “Adobe Photoshop Touch – Adobe Launches Photoshop on the Move”