Photography Tips – Engage With Your Subject

My favourite subjects to shoot are people, with my camera of course! Big events are a great opportunity to get in lots of practice. I use adobe lightroom and photoshop to edit my images and often use OnOne software for more dramatic quick effects. If you need Photoshop Training you’ll find some of the best courses in the UK in Brighton at Silicon Beach Training.

1. Smile at your subject.

smile at people

smile at people

When you smile at people they are much more receptive. I know it sounds obvious but it’s easy to forget when you are concentrating hard to get that shot just right. If you like street photography, like me, chances are you take pictures of people with and without asking. Either way a smile makes all the difference. Read the rest of “Photography Tips – Engage With Your Subject”

Best Adobe Lightroom Tip Ever! Use Solo Mode

One of the problems with Adobe Lightroom is there are so many panels to open and close it can sometimes be quite time consuming to scroll up and down trying to find them. This can be especially annoying if you have a small screen.

Solo Mode – Drum roll please for the best Adobe Lightroom Top Tip…

Switch to Solo Mode

What Adobe Lightroom Solo Mode does is it keeps only one panel open at a time.  Lightroom will automatically collapse panels for you. When you open another panel the previous panel you had open will collapse. So now you don’t have to keep scrolling up and down to switch panels. Here’s how…

  1. Right-click on any dark gray area (the background around your panel headings) you can do this on the left or right side panels but you will need to do both if you want them both in solo mode.
  2. Solo Mode will be one of the options in the pop-up menu.
  3. Select it to turn it on.
  4. It’s also module specific so turning it on in Develop won’t turn it on in the Library module.

Lightroom Solo Mode

Once you turn Lightroom Solo Mode on, you’ll never go back.

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