Photoshop Disasters That Have Made the News

There really is no excuse for a major corporation appearing in the news due to dodgy Photoshopping – and yet it happens all time. Not only that but often newspapers themselves are guilty of bad editing!

If you want your images to appear professional then make sure you know how to use Photoshop. Silicon Beach Training provides a range of Adobe Photoshop Training Courses, perhaps if some of these companies had sent their staff on our Advanced Photoshop Training Course they wouldn’t have made national news for bad Photoshop decisions.

Here are our Top 5 Photoshop disasters that have made the news:

Microsoft Racism Claims

Microsoft racist photo

Photo – BBC

Microsoft decided that their original image of an Asian man, a black man and a white woman was unsuitable for the Polish market and so replaced the black man with a white man. However, they forgot to do change the hands. Read the rest of “Photoshop Disasters That Have Made the News”

Photoshop Quick Mask Tutorial

adobe photoshop training

Photoshop’s Quick Mask mode is a really easy way of creating selections to cut out part of an image.  You can basically paint the area you want to select, using the using any of the painting tools (Pencil, Paintbrush or Airbrush etc).

Here is our quick mask tutorial:

Everyone loves kittens don’t they? But this one looks a bit boring, just standing there on the grass. So how can we make him a bit more exciting? By using a Quick Mask to make a selection, cut him out and put him somewhere different that’s how!!

Don’t like kittens? Then we’ve got loads of other useful resources on this site including Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts.

1: Start by making a basic selection (using the Rectangular Marquee tool Photoshop Quick Mask Tutorial for example):

Photoshop Quick Mask Tutorial

2: Activate Quick Mask mode by clicking the Edit in Quick Mask Mode button Photoshop Quick Mask Tutorial at the bottom of the Tools Palette or pressing Q on your keyboard.

You will see that the unselected parts of the image are now covered by a red mask or ‘rubylith’.

Photoshop Quick Mask Tutorial

Read the rest of “Photoshop Quick Mask Tutorial”

Google+ Profile PSD Template

adobe photoshop training

Click to Download

Google+ is the hottest thing since – well – Facebook!

Google’s new social network is taking the social networking world by storm – and those lucky enough to have received an invite and set up an account are already clamoring to get their profile up and running and to get noticed.

We’ve devised a cunning way to make your Google+ Profile stand out from the rest by using a Photoshop Template to slice up images to go on the About page – fitting together in a frieze.


This technique uses Photoshop’s Slices and Save for Web and Devices function to divide the images up to be uploaded to your profile. These are useful features for Web Designers which you can learn more about on our Photoshop for Web Graphics Training course.