What is a Raw File?

JPEG vs Raw file

Understanding the basics of photography and how digital images are stored is important if you want to be able to produce great images. Using tools such as Photoshop for editing can greatly enhance an image, but how it’s stored on your camera in the first place can make a big difference to what you can do to it later on.

Our Photoshop course not only tells you how to edit images, but gives you the technical understanding behind different types of image files, how colours are made up and how to understand image size and resolution. We also offer Advanced Photoshop training for those who want to take their technical knowledge further.

To get you started, here’s some information about Raw files, and when you might want to store images on your camera as Raw instead of as JPEGs.

What is a Raw File?

A Raw file is simply an exact recording of the data that is produced by the sensors of a camera. Like negatives, they need processing to be turned into an actual image file. You need specialist software like Photoshop to view them, and as soon as you make any changes to a Raw file, it becomes an image file and must be saved as a jpg, png, psd or similar. Images in the form of Raw files can’t have been manipulated, so they can be used as evidence in court. Read the rest of “What is a Raw File?”

How to Spot a Photoshopped Image

As people become more adept at manipulating digital photography (for instance, by coming on our Photoshop course!) – and as the technology for it advances – it is becoming more and more tricky to spot a photoshopped image. So where do you start?


Look at the colours

Nothing gives an image more of the wow-factor than extreme colours – especially with landscapes, skies and eyes. Usually, if it’s too good to be true then it’s probably been photoshopped.

Changing colours is simple to do in the software, with extreme results.



Check the eyes

Speaking of eyes, if the photo is of a person, check the whites closely. Publications will often whiten the eye to make it less cloudy or remove the small pink veins that should show in every photo.


Read the rest of “How to Spot a Photoshopped Image”

iPad Apps for Design Inspiration

With Adobe Touch Apps and Photoshop Touch not expected for iPad until early 2012, what solutions are there for designers on the go? This guest post looks at 5 great iPad apps for designers from sketching tools to a comprehensive design collection. All of the apps are ideal for passing the time on your way to or from a Photoshop Course in Brighton where you can learn to put your ideas into practice.

6 iPad Apps for Design Inspiration

These days designers and creative freelancers are doing more and more of their work on the move and using laptops, tablets or even mobile phones to capture their ideas when the moment takes them. Unsurprisingly, Apple’s iPad has proven to be the most popular method of capturing that inspiration and has become very popular with designers as a way of playing with their design ideas.

iPad Sketching

Equally unsurprisingly there are thousands of applications out there for the iPad dedicated to design and it can be time consuming to search through them all and decide which ones are worthwhile and which ones are worth avoiding. When it comes to the actual tools of design there are some clear favourites that everyone uses, such as Brushes, iFontmaker and Sketchbook Pro but what about apps that offer a burst of creativity and inspiration, or apps that help you capture that creativity? Read the rest of “iPad Apps for Design Inspiration”

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