• JPEG vs Raw file

    What is a Raw File?

    By | Published July 25, 2012

    Understanding the basics of photography and how digital images are stored is important if you want to be able to produce great images. Using tools such as Photoshop for editing can greatly enhance an image, but how it’s stored on your camera in the first place can make a big difference to what you can […]

  • Photoshop Quick Selection tool 5

    Using the Quick Selection Tool

    By | Published July 18, 2012

    The Quick Selection tool lets you select the outline of a shape within an image (for example, this yellow flower that I need to cut out and paste into another image) without having to manually trace its outline. This is easiest to do with bold shapes that stand out from the background, but you can […]

  • images for content marketing

    5 Reasons To Use Images to Market Content

    By | Published July 5, 2012

    Maybe 1,000 words of text was okay in 2001, but it’s 2012 now and tastes have changed! Images are now vital to the popularity and shareability of web content. People just like visual content. Whether it is images, videos or even the design on the page and site – if you grab attention with your […]

  • Isolate your subject - Get close to your subject, make sure there is enough distance between your subject and the background.

    Great Photography Tips

    By | Published June 22, 2012

    We’ve put together some ideas to improve your photography. Not everything can be done in Photoshop! Whilst great editing skills (the ones you’ll learn on our Photoshop course), can make a world of difference, getting a great image in the first place is essential. Even if you are already a pro, sometimes it’s quite good to […]

  • spotting-photoshopped-images

    How to Spot a Photoshopped Image

    By | Published May 29, 2012

    As people become more adept at manipulating digital photography (for instance, by coming on our Photoshop course!) – and as the technology for it advances – it is becoming more and more tricky to spot a photoshopped image. So where do you start? Look at the colours Nothing gives an image more of the wow-factor […]

  • Facebook Photo Printing Service

    5 Tools to Print Pictures from Facebook, Instagram and Other Social Sites

    By | Published May 22, 2012

    Once you have used your Photoshop skills to edit your favourite photos and shared them with your friends on your social networks, you can use the tools in this post to print them! In these digital times it is all too easy to upload a photo onto the web and then forget about it. We […]

  • dog photography tips

    Pet Photography Tips: Getting the Perfect Picture of your Pooch

    By | Published May 3, 2012

    Here at Silicon Beach Training, we are big fans of Rhian White’s dog photography so we asked for some tips on getting the perfect pooch picture. We think you will agree that the following post is crammed full of them so have a read and then go and take your dog for a walk with […]

  • heather buckley photography tips perspective

    Photography Tips – A Different Point of View

    By | Published March 5, 2012

    We don’t always talk about Photoshop Training and InDesign Training, sometimes we talk about photography! In this post, Heather Buckley gives her tips on shooting photographs from ‘A Different Point of View’… I’ve been asked to name, judge and instruct a group of photographers’ work in response to a theme. The attendees will be of […]

  • pinteresting-images

    Pinteresting Images – Pinterest’s Visual Social Network

    By | Published March 2, 2012

    Images have always helped enhance blog posts. However, thanks to Pinterest, adding a visual representation to your blog posts has now become critical for increasing your traffic from social networks. The challenge when promoting content on Twitter is coming up with a clickable summary for your link in under 140 characters (even less when you […]

  • photoshop-training

    Winning Tips for Wildlife Photography

    By | Published February 21, 2012

    In this guest post Daniel Padavona looks at how you can achieve higher quality wildlife photos, looking at equipment, set up and approach. It is often frustrating to return from a photography trip only to realise that some of your favourite compositions have not coming out as well as you hoped. Attend one of our […]

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