The Best Bits of Photoshop CS5

With Photoshop CS5 now out and running on all our Photoshop courses, I thought it was time to run through the best new features I’ve found so far.

Photoshop CS5 Best Bits

Better Selections

Now when you select an image you don’t loose the edges or definition on softer parts. Using the Refine Edge tool it allows you to define the softer edges and Photoshop does the rest, creating a superb outline.

New Background Feature

When you select a part of an image, e.g. a dog, and then press delete you are now given an extra option. If you select the Content Aware option, Photoshop will fill in what would have been in the background if the dog hadn’t been there.

Warping Objects

You can now change objects much easier using Puppet Warp. Select pivot points on different parts of an image, e.g. a dogs leg, you can then change it from bent to straight, or the other way round.

Reducing Annoying Grain

There is a new Noise Reduction which allows you to remove a lot of noise and grain from images. Move the sliders around on the options and you can remove the grain but without removing the original image detail.

New High Dynamic Range Option

When you have a set of images with different exposures you can put them all in HDR Pro and it will merge them together to create a fantastic high dynamic range image. You can also now do this with a single image, just play with the sliders to create the same kind of effect.

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