Adobe Photoshop Touch – Adobe Launches Photoshop on the Move

Adobe Photoshop TouchAdobe Max (Adobe’s flagship yearly promotion event) kicked off this week with the announcement of Adobe Photoshop Touch – an App aimed built for tablets and aimed at creating, editing and sharing on the move.

Photoshop Touch will replace the current umbrella term for existing apps Adobe Eazel, Adobe Nav and Adobe Color Lava which will become Adobe Photoshop Companion Apps. The Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit has been rolled into the general Photoshop SDK.

Creating and editing images on tablets will be great for seeing how they’ll look to tablet users. Read our article on optimising images for the web which will help you ensure your images look good but more importantly load fast on websites.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Adobe have concentrated their marketing on one key feature of Photoshop Touch – creating composite images using a number of tools from the full desktop Photoshop. For instance they have combined a tablet-friendly scribble tool allowing you to draw around parts of an image and then use refine edges to quickly blend images on the go.

Adobe Photoshop Touch Screenshot

Photoshop Touch does come with the core tools from Adobe Photoshop making it a powerful app for the price. Some of the best features are-

  • Versatile Image Browsing – Photoshop touch allows users to search for photos from a number of sources including Google Image Search and social sites such as Facebook. You can even search via colours to find the exact image you want.
  • Sharing - At the moment Photoshop are promoting the ability to share via Facebook and even see people’s comments within the app. However sharing will be more impressive once Adobe roll out Creative Cloud, allowing you to share with other users you can apply changes and send back to you – great for designers working in conjunction with clients.
  • Scribbling - It seems a number of functions in Photoshop Touch are done via scribbling. Scribble select involves drawing inside and outside the selection you want – the app then defines a selection within your scribble.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Photoshop Touch is just one of six Adobe Apps that will make up Adobe Creative Cloud, set for release in 2012. Photoshop Touch will be appearing on Android tablets in November while iOS users will have to wait until 2012 as well. The other five apps are –

  • Adobe CollageCollage – This app allows users to create ‘mood boards’ on an unconstrained expansive canvas. These mood boards can be annotated and exported into CS5 for more work.
  • Adobe DebutDebut – Adobe Debut allows users to access select CS5 files on the move to present and collaborate their work. Once opened there is a mark up tool for annotation and communication.
  • Adobe IdeasIdeas – Already an app for iPad, Adobe Ideas will be getting a full roll out as part of Creative Cloud. Ideas is used for Vector drawing using finger and/or stylus to create images and ideas on the move. The new version will allow users to layer images and use colour themes.
  • Adobe KulerKuler – Adapted from CS4, Kuler is for graphic artists looking to create and share themes. Its main function is for colour coordination and theme creation.
  • Adobe ProntoPronto – This is a wireframing app for creating website and mobile app prototypes to communicate and share ideas. Adobe Pronto uses gestures for creating content such as a scribble for text. This makes it great for quickly mocking up websites and mobile app designs for further work in CS5 and for sharing with others.

All these apps will be available for Android in November and iOS early 2012. They will eventually (early 2012) become part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud suite which will allow access to Adobe files anywhere in the world. This means you can create a file on your tablet on the go, further edit it on your desktop with CS5 and then share it with others. Adobe touts Creative Cloud as all about sharing and collaboration allowing designers access to their work all the time, the ability to easily share with clients and peers and simple methods of creating and realising ideas on the move.

It is yet to be seen whether Adobe’s new Touch apps will actually be used by creative professionals or whether they will just become social tools for sharing between friends and family. There seems to be a mixed response from the design community but many are just going on Adobe’s preview videos and promotions so we’ll wait and see the response after the release in November.

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